Oliver's Sunny Dog Painting: 2 Days in 6 Minutes

This beautiful golden dog was a perfect sun-drenched subject for a dog painting that went on to become a beloved Christmas gift.

In the reference photo, I loved how the greens of the water contrasted Oliver’s warm golden fur, but I didn’t like how other elements in the background broke up his silhouette. For the painting, I kept the green but simplified it down to just a hint of water, and let Oliver be the star of the piece.

This video shows the painting process start to finish!

Oliver is now hanging out with lots of other pet paintings online in my Pet Portrait Gallery, and with his owner and real self offline in Nanaimo, Canada.

The Results

Dog Portrait painting

If you’re interested in getting a pet portrait of your own, check out my commissions page for more information.

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Thanks for watching 🙂

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