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Welcome to the Paws By Zann pet portrait blog! Here you’ll find a wealth of information on painting with oils, painting animals, how to take reference photos, art videos and more. Enjoy!


Realistic Cat Painting Techniques [with video]

How to Paint a Cat Realistically In the video below I share you my techniques for painting a realistic cat from a photo. You’ll get a complete breakdown of the painting process—from start to finish! Key Video Moments [0:39] Surface preparation, smoothing gesso [2:53] Sketch & anatomy [6:01] High-chroma

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Handmade pet memorial with ashes dog

Great Dane Paintings in Oil — by Zann Hemphill

What draws you to Great Danes? Great Danes are a favourite subject of mine because they’re just such striking dogs. Capturing all that mass on canvas… sometimes it really does feel like I’m painting a horse! And not only that, but their short, sleek coats mean I can see bone

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canvas Pet Portrait Classic Pet Portrtait

7 Classic Pet Portraits on Canvas that Will Make You Want Art of Your Pet

The time-honoured head-and-shoulders portrait format works as well for pets as it does for people. And pet portraits on canvas are particularly well set up to take advantage of traditional, time-honoured techniques, because the artist has so much flexibility. As a style, the combination of simple composition and background works

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Most Important Lessons: 4 Years Painting Dogs In Snow

Painting White Dogs In Snow: 4 Years of Lessons View more of my Dog Art here > I’m a professional pet portrait artist, and a few times every year I’ll be commissioned to paint a snow scene. This month I thought it would be interesting to take a look back

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Painting black dogs buddy great dane video
Pet Paintings from Photos

Painting a Black Dog in Oils [Video] with Buddy the Great Dane Puppy

Full Great Dane Painting Video (breakdown below) In this post, I’ll walk through what I’m doing when painting black dogs in more detail. Check out the video for a 3-minute demonstration! As with most animal paintings, everything starts with getting the anatomy right first and—then progressing through the different

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White Cat portraits painting Christmas Gift
Get a Painting of Your Cat

Complete White Cat Oil Painting [2 Minute Video]

Cat Oil Painting Process Video This video shows the complete process for a white cat painting. Zann works in oil paints, and has been commissioned to paint over 100 cats. See more of Zann’s Cat Art here > Getting the Cat Painting Started with a Sketch on Canvas I

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Pet Portrait Painter Artist Zann Hemphill
How to Paint Animals

10 Unique Discoveries in the Pet Painting Studio

In this post, we’ll share 10 unexpected discoveries from the Paws By Zann pet portrait studio. These range from on-easel insights about lighting and brushwork to answering brass-tacks questions about fixing dented canvas. Zann works in oil paints, creating custom portraits of dogs, cats, and horses. She also creates handmade

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Labrador retriever Oil Painting
Get a Painting of Your Dog

How a Chocolate Lab Oil Painting Gets Made

A Chocolate Lab Oil Painting in 4 Steps Coco’s dog-mom wanted a custom oil painting of her dog, so she reached out to me with a few photos. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process we went through to turn her pet portrait idea into a beautiful, polished

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