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Welcome to the Paws By Zann pet portrait blog! Here you’ll find a wealth of information on painting with oils, painting animals, how to take reference photos, art videos and more. Enjoy!

How to paint cat in black and white oil painting
Art Shows

Painting Pets with Zann Episode 4

In this episode Zann will show you an easy way to paint a cat. Use tools you already have (like your fingers) to figure out where your subject will be sitting on canvas. Full video demo!

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how to paint Cat whiskers cat painting oil
Cat Art Tutorials

How to Paint Perfect Cat Whiskers [with video]

How do you get whiskers to look right when you paint them? How do you paint the whiskers on a cat without lumps, bumps, or chunkiness? I’m Zann, and I’m a professional pet portrait artist. Painting whiskers is challenging, but I believe you can do it! The key is to

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