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1. Send photos

You can upload photos using the links above, or just email me: [email protected]

2. Choose a size

I’ll work with you to make the composition just right based on your images.

3. Give Feedback

You’ll get updates as I paint so you can see the whole process—usually 1-3 weeks.

4. Enjoy!

Your oil painting will arrive stretched and wired, ready to brighten your wall and your day.


Like good pizza, good art takes time. Pieces within the sizes listed can be complete and ready to ship within three weeks, but please note that oils can take over a week to dry and even a rush order will require drying time. 

If you have a particular deadline in mind, feel free to reach out to see if I can work with you to make it happen!

I can definitely put multiple pets in one portrait!

If you can find a photo with all the pets together to use as a primary reference, there is no extra charge, pricing is just based on size. But if they’re all in different photos and need to be arranged into one piece then I charge a 10% composition fee. Adjusting the lighting to make different photos look natural together can be a real challenge, so one photo is better if possible.

I regularly ship across North America, and occasionally worldwide. If you’d like a shipping quote for your specific location just drop me a line with your location and the size of painting you’re looking at and I’d be happy to get you the specifics.

Click the “get a mockup” button above to use my pre-made form, or send me an email at [email protected]

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