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I create custom Oil on Canvas pet portraits using traditional painting techniques. I paint from photos, and get client input throughout to make sure each pet’s unique features are captured in the final artwork.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out: [email protected]
Dashchund Painting Dog Portrait
Black Dog Portrait Painting
"Miso" a 10" x 10" Dog Portrait in Oil
Cat portrait by Zann
"Lucy" 8"x8" Christmas Cat Portrait Gift
12" x 12" Action German Shepherd Dog Portrait
Custom Cat portrait by Zann Hemphill
24" x 24" Custom Cat Painting
24" x 24" Portrait of Marley
24" x 24" Painting of German Shepherd "Lexie"
Cat portrait by Zann
8" x 10" Cat Portrait of Roger
Luna Horse Portrait by Zann Hemphill
24" x 36" Horse Portrait of Luna
16" x 24" Spaniel Dog Study in Oil
12" x 12" Dog Portrait of Boris the Boxer
16" x 20" Doberman Painting Study
Horse Portrait Oil Painting
24" x 36" Horse Portrait of Spooky
Dog Portrait Painting
"Dudley" 12"x12" Portrait on 36" x 48" Canvas
Pet Portrait Painting from Photo
18" x 24" Beagle Study in Oil
Cat Memorial Painting
"Cat Friends on Canvas" Custom Portrait
Happy Dog Painting, Happy Corgi Art, Dog Portrait
18" x 24" Portrait of Bruce the Corgi
White Dog Portrait Oil Painting Art
8" x 8" Pet Portrait of Smiley Rex
Tag Dog Portrait Painting
18" x 24" Portrait of Tag the Lab
Cat memorial art
24" x 36" Painting of Cat Friends Boots & Bella
10" x 10" Portrait of Zach the Bernedoodle
Memorial Dog Portrait Art
10x10 Memorial Dog Portrait
16" x 16" Dog Portrait of Ruby the Pug
Cat portrait painting by Zann
"TeaGrey" a 12" x 12" Christmas Gift
Golden Retriever Dog Portrait
12" x 16" Pet Memorial for Dougal
Dog Portrait
"Oliver" 8"x8" Christmas Gift
Happy Bernese Mountain Dog Portrait from Photo Painting Art
12" x 12" Christmas Dog Portrait Gift "Bailey"
18" x 24" Painting Study of a Brittany Spaniel
12" x 12" Portrait of Black Cat "Spooks"
Black Lab Painting by Zann Hemphill
16" x 20" Black Lab Dog Portrait
10" x 10" Portrait of Hova
8" x 8" Cat Portrait of Chester
Pet Portrait from Photo of two dogs
"Hank and Burger" 8" x 10" Oil Portrait
French Bulldog Oil Painting
8" x 8" Portrait of One-Eyed Teddy
10" x 10" Pet Portrait of Bruin
16" x 20" Oil Husky Painting

Pet Portrait Commissions

For Pricing & more information on ordering custom pet portraits from photos, visit my Commissions Page.

Getting Started is Easy!

Just send me a few of your favourite photos of your pet, and we can go from there to find the right size and format. You can use the contact form or get in touch via email at [email protected]

If your favourite photo isn’t lit or cropped how you wish it was, a custom painting can take keep the parts you love and take the rest to the next level.

For tips on taking great reference photos, check out this post on photo lighting, height, and quality.

pet memorial portrait painting

See Inside The Painting Process

Portraits take 1-3 weeks to paint, depending on size. I’ll send you updates for approval the whole way along.

Once you’re happy with your portrait, we can settle up and I’ll ship the piece as soon as it’s dry.

To make sure every customer is happy with their purchase before shipping, I offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my work. If you don’t love it, you don’t have to buy it.


Questions? I’d love to hear from you! I can be reached through the form below or by email at [email protected]

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