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Custom Pet Paintings

by Zann Hemphill

Welcome to my pet art gallery! Each portrait is handmade by me using traditional oil techniques, and painted from clients’ photos.

I would love to paint your pet for you!

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Recent Pet Paintings on Canvas

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Looking handmade pet paintings of a specific type?


I paint pets from photos

To get started on your own pet painting, send me a favourite photo of your pet and we can work on a composition together. You can use the contact form below, or get in touch via email at

If your favourite photo isn’t lit or cropped how you wish it was, a painting can take keep the parts you love while taking the rest to the next level. I’m used to fixing issues like lighting, perspective, or missing information.

When you order custom pet artwork from me, I share updates so you get to see the whole process. As a result, the final piece will be exactly as you want.


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Canadian Pet Portrait Art
Custom Pet Portraits on Canvas


Place your order securely online and send me a photo. I’ll work with you on the composition from there.


Next, you’ll get updates as I paint and can preview the final in 1-3 weeks.

3. Enjoy!

Your oil portrait will arrive ready to hang on the wall and brighten your day.


You’re in the right place to get a unique, handmade oil painting of your pet, so if you have a portrait in mind I’d love to hear from you. Use the form below or email me:

Please note I am on maternity leave starting Fall 2023, so I may take more time than usual to respond. 

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Pet Painting videoS

To share more about how I work, I’ve put together a series of pet painting videos. You can find a more complete collection on YouTube, but these go through the basic steps I follow to ensure each pet painting comes out looking just right.

My oil paintings of pets are all created using traditional media and techniques. To start, I render a basic sketch of my subject, and then work up layer by layer, paying careful attention to lighting and form. It’s important to get these basics in before getting distracted by detail, or the final piece tends to fall flat. If you have questions about how I would approach painting a portrait from your images, do get in touch! I’d love to go through the process with you and talk about the many different options.

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