Pet Portrait Speed Painting Video: Maya with a Seascape

pet portrait speed painting video

Painting Maya's Pet Portrait from Photos

Lighting-wise this pet portrait painting has been a challenge.

The main reference, the one that I’m using for Maya’s pose and expression, didn’t show much of her colouration. It also didn’t have great lighting. So I have a second photo to work from there, and I’m using both to make this dog portrait work!

pet painting from multiple photos of a dog

The 3-minute video below shows a time-lapse of the painting process after the background and a few lines of text have been added.

Time-lapse Video of Maya's Pet Portrait

The (Almost) Finished Piece

After filling Maya in, my client and I are both happy with her likeness in the piece. But it still needs something to tie the foreground and background together!

In this piece, I used lighting to accomplish unified depth. For Maya, I’ll most likely also use a translucent mist or lighting effect to make sure she’s not too separate from the water behind her.

Pet Portrait Oil Painting of a black dog by Zann Hemphill

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Pet Portrait art of a dog and kitten by Zann Hemphill

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