Pet Memorial


Dog memorial painting with ash

pet memorials

remembrance art
for lost pets

Pet memorial paintings are wonderful way to bring a lost pet’s smile back into your home, and to honor lost companions.

I can also add a pet’s ashes directly into the paint as a way to make a visual representation more personal and physical.

golden retriever dog memorial drawing

Recent pet memorials & ash memorials

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Pet memorial paintings
& painting with ashes

I paint pet memorials by hand, both with and without ashes in the paint. Mixing ashes into a pet memorial increases the drying time of the oils, so these pieces take longer to create. On the other hand, a visual memorial without ashes usually takes about three weeks.

To get started, choose a size and we can work on a composition together. Use the form below, or get in touch via email at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you about your memorial project!


1. Choose a size

I’ll work with you to make the composition just right based on your images.

2. Send Material

Email me photos of your pet. To add ashes, mail or deliver to my studio on Vancouver Island.

3. Give feedback

You’ll get lots of updates as I paint so you can see the whole process—usually 1-3 weeks.

4. Enjoy!

Your pet’s memorial portrait will arrive ready to display and brighten your day.

Get Started

Send me photos and I'll make a mockup for you.

You’re in the right place to get a unique and personal memorial for your pet. Use the form or send me an email:
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