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Painting Pets with Zann is available online here. More coming soon!

Zann Artist on Hornby

Painting Pets with Zann Episode 2

In this episode we’re looking at how to paint the complex stripes on cat faces. In this video Zann dives into tips and tricks that will help you learn how to paint tabby cat stripes, starting with big shapes and working smaller until the details are all there.

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painting pets with Zann Hemphill

Painting Pets with Zann Episode 1

In this episode we’re painting a little white dog named Harley, in the Paws By Zann studio. Painting white dogs provides a wonderful opportunity to play with lighting, and allow light and shadow to create interest in the piece.

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Welcome to Painting Pets with Zann in the the Paws By Zann studio!

Here you’ll find recent pet paintings and episodes of the broadcast show Painting Pets with Zann you can watch online.

If you’d like to get a unique painting of your pet, head on over to the Paws By Zann site and get in touch.



Pet art & tips


Painting Pets with Zann is also available on YouTube

To share more about how I work, I’ve put together a series of pet painting videos. You can find a more complete collection on YouTube, but these go through the basic steps I follow to ensure each pet painting comes out looking just right.

My oil paintings are all created using traditional media and techniques. To start, I render a basic sketch of my subject, and then work up layer by layer, paying careful attention to lighting and form. It’s important to get these basics in before getting distracted by detail, or the final piece tends to fall flat. If you have questions about how I would approach painting a portrait from your images, do get in touch! I’d love to go through the process with you and talk about the many different options.