Painting Pets with Zann Episode 1

painting pets with Zann Hemphill

I’m so excited to announce that a new TV show featuring my work will be launching on Shaw Spotlight Cable TV in the North Island region this Sunday, August 14th, 2022.

Episode 01: Painting Harley

In this episode we’re painting in the Paws By Zann studio, and will complete a 12″ x 12″ portrait of a little white dog named Harley. Painting white dogs provides a wonderful opportunity to play with lighting. In other words, white dogs allow light and shadow to create interest in the piece—instead of colour.

Watch Zann walk through her complete painting process start to finish. And you’ll find some great tips and tricks along the way.

Please note: due to licensing restrictions, show music may be different on YouTube vs broadcast versions of the show. Alternatively, Universal Studios may run ads on the YouTube release in exchange for letting me use these wonderful samples from their library.

Tips & Tricks for Painting Pets

Zann shares one of her top tips for painting pets (or anything) that’s lit from the side. In this case, using nothing more than a bit of grey paint.

grey paint and zann finger painting pets with zann

Zann also talks about how to test your lighting during different stages of the process. Why? Because that’s what makes subjects feel round, realistic, and most importantly… alive!

More episodes of Painting Pets with Zann will air this coming Fall. So keep an eye out on Shaw Spotlight or the Painting Pets with Zann homepage!

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Zann Hemphill

Zann Hemphill is a practising pet portrait artist, writer, and video producer.

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