How to Paint a Black and White Cat

In this episode, I’ll show you how to find where your subject is sitting on canvas, without having to sweat the details right away. We’ll look at some tools to get the big shapes in right away—tools you don’t even have to buy, like your fingers!

Episode 04: Painting Maya

Maya presented some interesting challenges because of her long overlapping pieces of black and white fur, as well as the shadows and highlights that fall across her face.

There are also some interesting details in the pillow she’s sitting on, velvet with twisted tassels that drape over one another. How can you get the texture of these in without them being a distraction from the main subject?


Pushing and Pulling Black Paint

One big focus of this video is how to prevent muddiness in a painting that uses a lot of black. This is a big challenge working wet on wet, particularly in oils! The key is to start with a lot of thinner (or water, if you’re using acrylics), so it’s possible to push, pull, and paint over sections easily, until the final forms start to take shape.

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