Painting Pets with Zann Episode 1

painting pets with Zann Hemphill

In this episode we’re painting a little white dog named Harley, in the Paws By Zann studio. Painting white dogs provides a wonderful opportunity to play with lighting, and allow light and shadow to create interest in the piece.

How to Paint Fur – Quick Guide for Realistic Results [+ video]

Focus on Form, not Detail If you want to learn how to paint fur realistically, you’re probably thinking about rendering every single hair. But focusing on fine details won’t actually help you make your artwork more realistic! And it especially won’t help you make realistic fur. Take a look at the image below. Does the […]

1 Oil Dog Painting that will Make You Think Differently About Fur

Oil Dog Painting Analysis

Why Painting Fur in Dog Art Isn’t About Texture The fur in an oil dog painting can do a remarkable thing. From far away, it looks like every hair is meticulously plotted out. But zoom in, and you discover one or two brushstrokes creating that remarkable effect. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive […]

How to Paint a Golden Retriever [Video Demo]

how to paint a golden retriever dog video

In the Studio with a Golden Retriever Painting I’d like to share a recent golden retriever painting from my pet portrait studio This 8″ x 10″ Golden Retriever Painting (in oil) came together over several hours. In this video I’ll show you the process I use to get the lighting, textures, and colours down when […]

Watch this Beautiful Sunny Dog Painting in a 6-Minute Video

Oliver’s Sunny Dog Painting: 2 Days in 6 Minutes Pet Portraits by Zann This beautiful golden dog was a perfect sun-drenched subject for a dog painting that went on to become a beloved Christmas gift. In the reference photo, I loved how the greens of the water contrasted Oliver’s warm golden fur, but I didn’t […]

How to Paint German Shepherd Fur: Full Process Video

How to Paint German Shepherd Fur This video gives a step-by-steo breakdown of the alla-prima (wet-on-wet) painting technique I use to create the textures, colours and shading in German Shepherd’s beautiful fur. These techniques are some of my favourites to use in all my breed portraits! I love how the oils blend into each other […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint Dog Noses

My Journey in Painting Dog Noses I’m a professional pet portrait artist, and I’d like to share with you what I know about dog noses. They’re a hugely important feature in a dog’s face, and fall into that unfortunate category of things that are familiar enough we know when they’re wrong, but complicated enough that […]

How do you paint dog eyes realistically? [video]

This video will focus in on how long it takes to put the finishing touches on a dog’s eyes. So I’ll take the piece from sketched-in all the way to fully rendered. This stage is important because before you see it with your own eyes, the rendering process can seem like magic. It’s not. Making […]