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Welcome to the Paws By Zann pet portrait blog! Here you’ll find a wealth of information on painting with oils, painting animals, how to take reference photos, art videos and more. Enjoy!

How to paint cat in black and white oil painting
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Painting Pets with Zann Episode 4

In this episode Zann will show you an easy way to paint a cat. Use tools you already have (like your fingers) to figure out where your subject will be sitting on canvas. Full video demo!

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White Cat portraits painting Christmas Gift
Get a Painting of Your Cat

Complete White Cat Oil Painting [2 Minute Video]

Cat Oil Painting Process Video This video shows the complete process for a white cat painting. Zann works in oil paints, and has been commissioned to paint over 100 cats. See more of Zann’s Cat Art here > Getting the Cat Painting Started with a Sketch on Canvas I

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Cat portrait painting
Get a Painting of Your Cat

Cat Portrait Process: Oil Painting Video of Pooh the Kitty

Cat Portrait Painting Video This quick 5 minute video goes through some of the painting stages for taking a cat portrsit from blank canvas—to fine art. Want to learn how to paint that little kitty nose? See my complete guide to drawing cat noses here > A few Notes

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Custom Cat portraits by Zann Hemphill
All About Pet Memorials and Ashes

Cat Memorial Art and Gifts to Remember Lost Kitties

Cat Memorial Paintings The only downside to having cats is that they leave us too soon. Cat memorials can be a great way to celebrate life’s greatest kitty companions and keep their memories close. And the best pet portrait artists are the ones who can work with you to capture

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