Labrador Retriever Paintings in Oil — by Zann Hemphill

Pet art in oil - lab dog in sunlight realistic

Labrador Retriever Wall Art over 5 Years I’ve been painting pet portraits professionally since 2017, and over that time there have been a LOT of labs! And there are a couple things I love about painting them. For one thing, having a dog that’s all one colour means I get to focus a lot more […]

Painting Pets with Zann Episode 4

How to paint cat in black and white oil painting

In this episode Zann will show you an easy way to paint a cat. Use tools you already have (like your fingers) to figure out where your subject will be sitting on canvas. Full video demo!

Rabbit Portraits: Paintings in Oil you’ll Love

Rabbit portrait painting oil on canvas two bunnies art

Life as a pet portrait artist who paints rabbits When most pet owners approach me for a pet portrait, they ask things like ‘how much do pet portraits cost’ or ‘how long do your paintings take’. But rabbit owners start off with… do you even paint rabbits?? Can you paint my rabbit for me?? And […]

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs Commission New Painting — 25th Anniversary

BC & Alberta Guide Dogs 25th Anniversary Painting

Celebrating a Puppy’s Journey to Become a Guide Dog The BC Guide Dogs society provides professionally trained guide dogs, autism service dogs, and PTSD service dogs for people in BC and Alberta. For their 25th Anniversary, Canadian artist Zann Hemphill was approached to create a piece celebrating the incredible dedication these dogs show, and the […]

Painting a Black Dog in Oils [Video] with Buddy the Great Dane Puppy

Painting black dogs buddy great dane video

Full Great Dane Painting Video (breakdown below) In this post, I’ll walk through what I’m doing when painting black dogs in more detail. Check out the video for a 3-minute demonstration! As with most animal paintings, everything starts with getting the anatomy right first and—then progressing through the different values. In oils, you usually […]

Complete White Cat Oil Painting [2 Minute Video]

White Cat portraits painting Christmas Gift

Cat Oil Painting Process Video This video shows the complete process for a white cat painting. Zann works in oil paints, and has been commissioned to paint over 100 cats. See more of Zann’s Cat Art here > Getting the Cat Painting Started with a Sketch on Canvas I do a lot of squinting […]

Pet Portrait Christmas Gifts: Amazing Paintings & Stories from 2020

Border Collie Oil Painting Gift

The Joy of Pet Portrait Christmas Gifts As 2020 drew to a close, many people faced the loneliest Christmas of their lives. Separated from human family, who was there to fill our hearts and homes? …Our pets! I think that’s why pet portrait Christmas gifts were such a hit this year. I’m not the only […]

How a Chocolate Lab Oil Painting Gets Made

Labrador retriever Oil Painting

A Chocolate Lab Oil Painting in 4 Steps Coco’s dog-mom wanted a custom oil painting of her dog, so she reached out to me with a few photos. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process we went through to turn her pet portrait idea into a beautiful, polished chocolate lab oil painting! Step […]

A New Twist: Dogs Playing Poker and Dogs Playing Pool

Dogs Playing Poker Oil Painting by Zann

3 Classics like the ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ Series Come Back as Custom Art Pet portrait artist Zann Hemphill is well known for her amazing renditions of pets. She uses traditional materials (oil paints and canvas) and works entirely by hand. Usually, this means working from a client’s photo to produce a portrait that focuses on […]