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Welcome to the Paws By Zann pet portrait blog! Here you’ll find a wealth of information on painting with oils, painting animals, how to take reference photos, art videos and more. Enjoy!

Dog Portrait Painting
Pet Paintings from Photos

Happy Dog Art by Canadian Painter

Happy Dog Art, Happy People From the contented company of an old friend to manic whole-body wags greeting me at the end of the day, nothing makes me smile quite like getting smiled at by a dog. I loved making each of these happy dog paintings because they show just

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Dog Portrait Painting Process
All About Pet Memorials and Ashes

Dog Memorial Portrait Feature: “Viva” the Lab

The Dog Memorial Art Process Dogs are so much a part of our lives, they leave a big hole when they go. But having a handmade art keepsake can be a wonderful reminder of good times and happy trails! That’s why pet portraits are such a popular choice for people

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Cat Portrait from Photo
Get a Painting of Your Dog

Amazing Pet Portraits from Photos (Before and After)

Making Pet Portraits from Photos I paint pet portraits from photos, using one or more of my clients’ favourite pics to start off. The “or more” part usually comes in when the piece is a gift or memorial. Getting a perfect reference photo isn’t as easy as grabbing your phone

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Dog Art Tutorials

Watch this Beautiful Sunny Dog Painting in a 6-Minute Video

Oliver’s Sunny Dog Painting: 2 Days in 6 Minutes Pet Portraits by Zann This beautiful golden dog was a perfect sun-drenched subject for a dog painting that went on to become a beloved Christmas gift. In the reference photo, I loved how the greens of the water contrasted Oliver’s warm

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Giving Pet Portraits as Gifts

The Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers [2019]

My best Christmas Gift Reveals from 2019 Every year, I’m asked about what makes the best Christmas gifts for pet lovers, because let’s face it: we all have at least one person in our lives who is absolutely bonkers about their pets. And we love that person. And we want

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Dog Portrait from Photo
What to Expect When you Buy Pet Portrait Art

Chihuahua Art: 5 Steps to a Beautiful Chihuahua Painting

From Dim Photo to Chihuahua Art I make custom dog portraits. So often, people ask how I go from reference photo to the final painting on canvas. Getting a dog to look just right on canvas can be a challenge, and this is as true for Chihuahua art as it

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Cat portrait painting
Get a Painting of Your Cat

Cat Portrait Process: Oil Painting Video of Pooh the Kitty

Cat Portrait Painting Video This quick 5 minute video goes through some of the painting stages for taking a cat portrsit from blank canvas—to fine art. Want to learn how to paint that little kitty nose? See my complete guide to drawing cat noses here > A few Notes

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Giving Pet Portraits as Gifts

Pet Portrait Gift Guide

How to Give a Pet Portrait as a Gift – The Right Way Pet portraits make awesome gifts, as a ton of happy recipients can attest! Whether it’s a surprise for a birthday or Christmas, celebrating a new puppy or kitten in the house, or creating a touching memorial for

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Horse Painting in Oil Pet Portrait from Photo
How to Paint Animals

How to Make a Horse Oil Painting in 5 Steps

Horse Oil Painting Featuring Luna the Mare This post goes through some of the unique challenges of painting horses from photos, as well as my complete painting process—start to finish. I go through these same steps with all of my pet portraits, starting with some digital mockups. Luna’s owners sent

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