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Happy Dog Art, Happy People

From the contented company of an old friend to manic whole-body wags greeting me at the end of the day, nothing makes me smile quite like getting smiled at by a dog.

I loved making each of these happy dog paintings because they show just how pets and their owners make each other feel.

And as a pet portrait artist, that is the best thing ever for me to paint.

I hope these make you happy too.

Miso the Smiling Pup

Happy Dog Painting Art in Oil

You know what also makes me smile? Dogs named after food.

Right before painting Miso here, I had a commission to paint a French Bulldog named Burger. Burger.

Burger, Miso, you guys rock!

Bruce the Welsh Corgi and his Huge Dog Smile

This portrait was painted from a photo where Bruce was just ready to leap out of the car with excitement. Now that is some happy dog art right there.

Happy Dog Painting, Happy Dog Art Corgi
Corgi Dog Portrait from Photo

Happy Dog Painting of Dudley

Dudley is part Cocker Spaniel and part Pomeranian and all joy.

His human commissioned this portrait on a huge canvas, so Dudley is just kind of peeking in the corner. I love the effect.

Dog Portrait Painting

Lola Glad and Chillin'

Lola was rescued twice, and her human got in touch with me to paint a dog memorial that would capture her loving smile as a forever memento.

Good girl, Lola.

happy dog painting

Bailey in her own Happy Dog Painting

This portrait of Bailey the Bernese Mountain Dog was a pet portrait Christmas gift that went over beautifully well! Speaking of beauty, Bailey is such a gorgeous example of a Bernese that her Dog Parents let me include her in my print collection of dog breeds. Happy? Yep. Dog? Yep. Happy dog painting right here.

Happy Bernese Mountain Dog Portrait from Photo Painting Art

Bao Bao the Samoyed Loves Snow

Who could be happier than a Samoyed in snow??

Happy Samoyed Dog Painting

Benji the Beagle

If there was one painting I could say captured the essence of “Good Dog”, it would be this smiling Beagle.

Beagles are such good-natured little friends.

Pet Portrait Painting from Photo

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