4 Pieces of Corgi Art You Need to See Right Now

corgi butt painting

Looking for Corgi art that will make you smile? Look no further.

This oil painting series features one of my favourite breeds (the welsh corgi) and hones right in on their fluffy unders.

1: Cheeky Corgi

cheeky corgi butt painting art

Why corgi bums? Why Corgi Art at all?

I don’t know about you, but I love dogs because they help me take life less seriously. They’re floppy, goofy, floofy, dramatic, ecstatic, delightful friends. And what better way to celebrate them than with silly art?

If you’re looking for more serious dog art, check out my dog portrait gallery. But for silly art, read on!

2: Sunday Corgi

We’ve all been there: Sunday morning and it’s just not time to get up yet.

Well this corgi painting is here to tell us that even backsides need beauty sleep. So stay horizontal. Snooze your way into the day.

3: El Corg Noir

4. It's a Hard Loaf Life

Ok, time to go full flop.

Paws in the air, belly to the sky, there will probably be snoring.

corgi art corgi bum painting

Get Your Own Corgi Art

I love the irreverent corgi series, and often add my personal art to my gallery of dog art originals.

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Thanks for reading!

See you next time.



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