Ok, we all know how much I love making classic pet portrait art, but Tuesday happened and I was without paint. Thanks to some inspiration regarding that softest and friendliest of dogs, this info-graphic came to be. So I present: the correct anatomy of the Golden Retriever.

For all you retriever owners out there who have always searched for the terminology to differentiate Golden Retriever Anatomy from that of other breeds and indeed other species, look no further.

To aid in your search, I’ve put together the following well-researched*, high resolution diagram as a handy all-in-one reference. Now you have all your Golden Retriever questions and answers in one place.

Anatomy of a Golden Retriever Infographic

Correct Anatomy of a Golden Retriever

So now you know! You’re welcome to download the image for personal use. I’m sure it will be very useful 😉

For more practical information about the Golden Retriever breed, check out DogTime’s article. This is a great resource to learn more about temperament, breed history, health issues, appearance and physical statistics.

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Thanks for reading! See you next time.


*Research involved observing golden retrievers in their natural environment; at the dog park and on the beach.

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