How to Include Bright Colours in Realistic Pet Portraits (with examples)

colourful pet portraits

Colour in Pet Portraits

Until I introduced brightly coloured pet portrait backgrounds, almost everything I painted was a shade of brown. And these muted portraits look great in some rooms, but what about when you want your custom painting to provide a splash of colour to your decor?

One option is to make the subject colourful. I see that a lot online, and for some people it works. But I’m a huge realism fan. I love painting realistic pet portraits! Fortunately, backgrounds offer lots of room to play with colour.

colourful pet portrait painting change

Colourful Pet Portrait Speed Painting

This client decided she wanted something brighter. Maybe something blue! It was quick to brighten up the piece, but of course (being oil paint) it took a lot longer to dry.

More Colourful Pet Portraits

White and black pets look particularly good with coloured backgrounds. These rich greens and blues bring the outside, inside.

Pet Art Poodle Dog Painting in Oil Portrait
colourful pet portrait doberman painting

Pastel Colours in Pet Portraits

Depending on your decor, maybe a lighter colour would work better. Light backgrounds work with most pets, even light coloured ones!

colourful pet portrait pink chihuahuad og

Colour in Representative Painting Backgrounds

Another way to add colour is to put the pet portrait subject in a colourful place, like water, snow, grass, bushes or even bright sand. To see how these backgrounds compare to the more neutral ones, check out my Pet Portrait Gallery.

Colourful pet portrait painting black and green

Get Creative!

Do you have a pet portrait idea that makes use of colour? I’d love to hear about it. If you’re interested in getting a portrait of your own pet, check out my Pet Portrait Gallery for more art, or the Commissions and Pricing Page for more infomation.

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