How to Get a Great Picture When You Can’t Get Your Cat to Wear a Costume

Custom Cat paintings by Zann

Paintings of Cats in Costume

Cats aren’t known for being the most tolerant of Halloween costumes. Or Christmas costumes. Or wearing anything that isn’t their own fur, really.

Can you blame them? If you were able to stay warm while naked as well as they do, you might not be a huge clothes fan either.

But this leaves the cats’ humans with a terrible dilemma: you know your cat would be ADORABLE in a hat, or a unicorn horn, or a cute little bowtie, and you want that image on your wall. Maybe you already bought one of the above, and are sitting in your bathroom looking for band-aids right now.

But there’s another way to get a keepsake of your cat in spiffy duds that doesn’t involve doing battle with the clawbeast.

Use the magic of PAINT!

Cat portraits painting with Bowtie by Zann Hemphill
If you’d like a painting of your cat in a costume, just send me photos of the cat and the costume. You don’t even need to buy the costume first, though you’re welcome to. Maybe pick up some bandaids while you’re out.

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