How A Black Background Improved This Cat Painting [Video]

Cat painting before and after background of black

Cat Painting Before the Black Firstly, let’s take a look at how this cat painting, featuring Mimou (what a cutie) got started. I started by working on white fur in the shadows. While I knew in my head these were white, my eyes couldn’t help but read “Brown and Blue”. Because of the white background, […]

Pet Portrait Speed Painting Video: Maya with a Seascape

Painting Maya’s Pet Portrait from Photos Lighting-wise this pet portrait painting has been a challenge. The main reference, the one that I’m using for Maya’s pose and expression, didn’t show much of her colouration. It also didn’t have great lighting. So I have a second photo to work from there, and I’m using both to […]

Pet Memorial Painted in an Incredible Heavenly Garden

Angelic Heavenly Pet Memorial Painting

A Pet Memorial Painting for Gigi For this pet memorial, my client and I worked together to create a beautiful garden in this custom memorial portrait for a little Pomeranian dog named Gigi. When I was first contacted by Gigi’s mom, she had a very speific vision in mind. She wanted me to help bring […]

How to Paint a Golden Retriever [Video Demo]

how to paint a golden retriever dog video

Inside the Studio with Zann & a Golden Retriever Painting This 8″ x 10″ Golden Retriever Painting in oil came together over several hours. In this video I’ll show you the process I use to get the lighting, textures, and colours down when I paint oil portraits of dogs and other pets. More of my […]

Pet Portrait Painting: 4 Videos All About the Eyes

Dog Eye Painting Oil Process Video

It’s All About Eyes People often remind me that the eyes are the most important part of any portrait. Done well, they bring the subject to life! Done poorly, and nothing anywhere else can save the piece. These videos focus in on how I paint eyes on cats and dogs when I create custom pet […]

Watch a Pet Portrait Come Together in 6 Minutes (Timelapse)

Painting Oliver: 2 Days in 6 Minutes This beautiful golden dog was a perfect sun-drenched subject for a Christmas Art Gift. In the reference photo, I loved how the greens of the water contrasted Oliver’s warm golden fur, but I didn’t like how other elements in the background broke up his silhouette. For the painting, […]

Cat Portrait Process: Oil Painting Video of Pooh the Kitty

Cat portrait painting

Cat Portrait Painting Video This quick 5 minute video goes through some of the painting stages for taking a cat portrsit from blank canvas—to fine art. A few Notes on this Cat Portrait Most of the footage in this cat painting video is from the latter part of the art process, where I’m really […]

How to Paint German Shepherd Fur: Full Process Video

This video gives a step-by-steo breakdown of the alla-prima (wet-on-wet) painting technique I use to create the textures, colours and shading in German Shepherd’s beautiful fur. These techniques are some of my favourites to use in all my breed portraits! I love how the oils blend into each other to produce richness and depth. To […]

A Shaggy Dog Story in Not So Many Words Painting Video & Inspiration

Has anyone ever told you a shaggy dog story?  If not, here’s a recap of the classic so you can see where I got the inspiration for this piece. There’s a little girl who’s dog was SO shaggy, he wins the local “shaggiest dog” competition. And of course through much description, story switchbacks and flowery […]

Painting “Perlie”: A Chocolate Lab Dog Portrait Video

This custom dog portrait is a larger piece, featuring a delightful Chocolate Lab named Perlie. I was lucky enough to meet Perlie while delivering her portrait, and she might have been the SOFTEST chocolate lab I’ve ever felt. I don’t know what they’re feeding her but her fur is silk.  Hopefully some of that cuddliness […]