Painting a Black Dog in Oils [Video] with Buddy the Great Dane Puppy

Painting black dogs buddy great dane video

Full Great Dane Painting Video (breakdown below) In this post, I’ll walk through what I’m doing in more detail. Check out the video for a 3-minute demonstration! Starting with the Sketch & Background for this Great Dane Painting First, let’s take a look at the sketch of Buddy. To start off, I’m pretty loose. […]

1 Oil Dog Painting that will Make You Think Differently About Fur

Oil Dog Painting Analysis

Why Painting Fur in Dog Art Isn’t About Texture The fur in an oil dog painting can do a remarkable thing. From far away, it looks like every hair is meticulously plotted out. But zoom in, and you discover one or two brushstrokes creating that remarkable effect. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive […]

Unique Co-Designed Oil Paintings: Your Ideas On Canvas

Dogs Playing Poker Oil Painting by Zann

Design Your Pet Artwork, and I’ll Paint It It’s not uncommon for a client to say “I’m looking for an artist who can paint my pet how I want them painted” or “I have a design in mind for a portrait of my dog, can you paint it this way?” Most of these requests go […]

How to Make a Cute Vinyl Sticker of Your Dog

Custom Vinyl Sticker of Your Dog Process

How to Turn a Line Drawing of Your Dog into a Custom Vinyl Sticker in 5 Steps (or 1) My town (Nanaimo) seems to love stickers. Especially on cars. And we definitely love our dogs. So naturally I’ve gotten a few requests to make custom vinyl stickers of pets, and needed to find some way to […]

Cats in Costume

Cat portrait by Zann

Cats aren’t known for being the most tolerant of Halloween costumes. Or Christmas costumes. Or wearing anything that isn’t their own fur, really. Can you blame them? If you were able to stay warm while naked as well as they do, you might not be a huge clothes fan either. But this leaves the cats’ […]

Pet Portrait Gift Guide

Pet portraits make awesome gifts, as a ton of happy recipients can attest! Whether it’s a surprise for a birthday or Christmas, celebrating a new puppy or kitten in the house, or creating a touching memorial for someone who’s lost a four legged friend, pet portraits are a truly one-of-a-kind gift.  But what is the […]

Drawing and Painting Dog Noses

When I first started drawing dogs, noses were easy. ▿ BAM! Triangle. Job done. But eventually that wasn’t enough detail for me. So then what? Maybe a 3D triangle? A couple nostril dots? Getting reeeally detailed with a fancy line up the middle? Still pretty simple. It was when I started shading these drawings in […]

A Shaggy Dog Story in Not So Many Words Painting Video & Inspiration

Has anyone ever told you a shaggy dog story?  If not, here’s a recap of the classic so you can see where I got the inspiration for this piece. There’s a little girl who’s dog was SO shaggy, he wins the local “shaggiest dog” competition. And of course through much description, story switchbacks and flowery […]

Cat Memorials: Art to Celebrate & Remember

Custom Cat portrait by Zann Hemphill

The only downside to having cats is that they leave us too soon. Art can be a great way to celebrate life’s greatest companions and keep happy memories close. And the best pet portrait artists are the ones who can work with you to capture what your best friend really looked like. In the examples […]