How a Chocolate Lab Oil Painting Gets Made

Labrador retriever Oil Painting

A Chocolate Lab Oil Painting in 4 Steps Coco’s dog-mom wanted a custom oil painting of her dog, so she reached out to me with a few photos. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process we went through to turn her pet portrait idea into a beautiful, polished chocolate lab oil painting! Step […]

Pet Art: Simple Guide to 3 Types of Portrait Lighting

Pet Art Lighting in Pet Portraits

The Importance of Lighting in Pet Art When you buy a pet portrait (or any portrait art) probably the most important thing is that it does a good job of looking like the animal or person in question. Because that’s the whole point, right? But a close second is how you feel when you look […]

Pet Portraits from Photos (Before and After)

Cat Portrait from Photo

Making Pet Portraits from Photos I paint pet portraits from photos, using one or more of my clients’ favourite pics to start off. The “or more” part usually comes in when the piece is a gift or memorial. Getting a perfect reference photo isn’t as easy as grabbing your phone and your dog and heading […]

How to Take the Perfect Reference Photo for a Pet Portrait Painting

Dog Portrait from photo

Some photos look great on your phone, but look terrible on the wall. Why? In this post, we’ll look at what makes a great reference photo, and why. In my experience, there are really three things: 1. Lighting: Your pet is lit by natural daylight 2. Image Quality/Size: The photo has enough detail 3. (Optional) […]