1 Oil Dog Painting that will Make You Think Differently About Fur

Oil Dog Painting Analysis

Why Painting Fur in Dog Art Isn’t About Texture The fur in an oil dog painting can do a remarkable thing. From far away, it looks like every hair is meticulously plotted out. But zoom in, and you discover one or two brushstrokes creating that remarkable effect. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive […]

10 Unique Discoveries in the Pet Painting Studio

Pet Portrait Painter Artist Zann Hemphill

In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 unexpected discoveries from Zann’s pet painting studio. These range from on-the-easel insights about lighting and brushwork to answering brass-tacks questions about fixing dented canvas. If you’re in the process of setting up your own home studio, I suggest checking out this post from the Redfin Blog […]

How a Chocolate Lab Oil Painting Gets Made

Labrador retriever Oil Painting

A Chocolate Lab Oil Painting in 4 Steps Coco’s dog-mom wanted a custom oil painting of her dog, so she reached out to me with a few photos. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process we went through to turn her pet portrait idea into a beautiful, polished chocolate lab oil painting! Step […]

Unique Co-Designed Oil Paintings: Your Ideas On Canvas

Dogs Playing Poker Oil Painting by Zann

Design Your Pet Artwork, and I’ll Paint It It’s not uncommon for a client to say “I’m looking for an artist who can paint my pet how I want them painted” or “I have a design in mind for a portrait of my dog, can you paint it this way?” Most of these requests go […]

Pet Art: Simple Guide to 3 Types of Portrait Lighting

Pet Art Lighting in Pet Portraits

The Importance of Lighting in Pet Art When you buy a pet portrait (or any portrait art) probably the most important thing is that it does a good job of looking like the animal or person in question. Because that’s the whole point, right? But a close second is how you feel when you look […]

Pet Portrait Speed Painting Video: Maya with a Seascape

Painting Maya’s Pet Portrait from Photos Lighting-wise this pet portrait painting has been a challenge. The main reference, the one that I’m using for Maya’s pose and expression, didn’t show much of her colouration. It also didn’t have great lighting. So I have a second photo to work from there, and I’m using both to […]

Pet Memorial Painted in an Incredible Heavenly Garden

Angelic Heavenly Pet Memorial Painting

A Pet Memorial Painting for Gigi For this pet memorial, my client and I worked together to create a beautiful garden in this custom memorial portrait for a little Pomeranian dog named Gigi. When I was first contacted by Gigi’s mom, she had a very speific vision in mind. She wanted me to help bring […]

Painting “Fudge” the Dachshund

pet portrait dog painting dachshund 3 steps

See inside the pet portrait painting process with this dog portrait of Fudge the Dachshund. Zann shares how to change lighting and paint fur with video.

How to Paint a Golden Retriever [Video Demo]

how to paint a golden retriever dog video

Inside the Studio with Zann & a Golden Retriever Painting This 8″ x 10″ Golden Retriever Painting in oil came together over several hours. In this video I’ll show you the process I use to get the lighting, textures, and colours down when I paint oil portraits of dogs and other pets. More of my […]