A Shaggy Dog Painting – Complete Video and Story

A Shaggy Dog Story in Not so many words crop

A Puli Painting with a Story to Tell

Has anyone ever told you a shaggy dog story? 

If not, here’s a recap of the classic. Just so you can see where I got the inspiration for this piece.

Shaggy Dog Painting: The Inspiration

There’s a little girl who’s dog was SO shaggy, he wins the local “shaggiest dog” competition. And of course through much description, story switchbacks and flowery narration, continues winning “shaggiest dog awards” until he’s officially named “World’s Shaggiest Dog”.

The girl proudly returns home and is talking to a man, when he looks at her dog and says something like, “Well, he doesn’t look as shaggy as all that”. 

Shaggy dog stories play with anticlimax and overdescription, emphasizing just how shaggy the dog is at every turn, throughout the whole yarn. Of course, when I first heard one of these, I could clearly picture the dog by the end of the story, and believe me he was more shag than dog.

My painting A Shaggy Dog Story in Not So Many Words is homage to both Shaggy Dog Stories,  and Brevity.

The Series Continues with Another Shaggy Dog Story on Canvas

Puli Dog Painting Artwork Original Oil

This Shaggy Dog is available from my Original Art Gallery. Check it out and see what else is available.

I will be adding more to the Shaggy Friends series in the future, so keep an eye out for more of these hairy fellows!

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