Speed Painting: Watch a Dog Portrait Come Together in 30 Seconds

Timelapse video is a great way to see the whole process without spending hours at the computer.

Alla Prima (wet-on-wet) painting is particularly fun because, with no drying time in between layers, every brushstroke interacts with the one underneath, blending and borrowing to make something new. When I’m painting pet portraits I usually need many layers, so I have time to send clients updates and check my work in between— this is to make sure I’m portraying the dog’s features exactly in my artwork. I want to paint Your Dog, not just any dog. But my breed studies allow for more looseness. Here I’m painting a Yorkie, and if her nose is a little longer or her fur sits a bit flatter, it’s no big deal!
I love the painterly effects that I can get with Alla Prima fur painting… the longer the fur the better!

For a selection of current work, please visit my pet portrait portfolio. To order your own custom piece, get in touch via [email protected]

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