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Custom Pet Portraits in Oil
by Artist Zann Hemphill

Custom Pet Portraits

Your Pet on Canvas

I work from photos to paint a traditional, handmade oil-on-canvas portrait of your pet.

Pet Portraits by Zann: Order Online

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Send me Photos

Email or Upload your photos and tell me about your pet portrait: is it a gift? A memorial? Part of a series?

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Discuss Size & Composition

Choose a size that fits, and we can take a look together at portrait compositions based on your photos.

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Watch & Approve

I’ll send you updates during the painting process so you can give feedback until it’s just right. Painting and drying takes 1-3 weeks.

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Enjoy Your New Painting!

Pet Portrait Art is delivered ready-to-hang on gallery-wrapped canvas so they look fantastic with or without a frame.

Pet Paintings from Photos

One of the advantages of painted pet portraits is that I can compensate for image issues.

If your favourite photo isn’t lit or cropped how you wish it was, a custom painting can keep the parts you love and take the rest to the next level.

Watch the video below for tips on taking the very best reference photos—but don’t worry, I can work with what you have.

In the Pet Portrait Studio

Pet Portraits from Photos

I paint all kinds of animals, and would be happy to paint your dog, cat, or horse.

From Clients


I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email with questions or photos and I’d be happy to walk you through the portrait process—I’m here to help.

*** If you’re having a hard time reaching me through the forms, please send me an email! Every now and then the form breaks and sends your message away into the internet void instead of into my inbox and I don’t receive it. If this has happened to you I’m really sorry, I’m a better artist than web designer -_- But email is pretty reliable! ***

About the Artist

Zann is an Emily Carr Graduate who began her career as a pet portrait artist in Vancouver, BC. Since then she moved to Vancouver Island, living first in Nanaimo and now working out of her studio in Lantzville. Zann works with local, national and international clients to create portraits of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other special animals.

Zann is a member of the Nanaimo Arts Council, and is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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Pet Portrait Artist Zann Hemphill
Pet Portrait art of a dog and kitten by Zann Hemphill

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